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Usual end of week reminder to plan to spend some me-time, family or friend time,  be with nature time, do nothing time and I am adding napping time.

I love pictures like this. Curiously, most of them are with Daddy. Need to think about that.  I do advocate naps and often the best are when the kids are napping.  I am advocate of family naps.

This week I talked a bit about good enough parenting.  For the weekend think of more than good enough naps.  I know I will get mine in.

Soon, I will be signing off until Saturday after sunset.   Signing off to sign on a more hands-on-life is one way to stay strong.


PS: Just a quick reminder my 76th birthday, March 21st,  is also the launch date of my newest E-book.  If you are on Facebook, sign-up for the party.  Read all about it  here Emotional Fitness Facebook Page; give the page a like and be in the lottery for some giveaways.  Sharing is caring and I hope you will share my birthday with me.