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This ad drives me crazy. It represents one of the most prevalent uses of Sneaky Hypnotism on the media.  Ask a teen if s/he can spot the ad person’s tricks.

Experts need to create doubt about your ability to get by without their help.  Otherwise no one would seek their services.  Can you see how this one uses Sneaky Hypnotism to do that?

By using a  child asking super smart questions to creates doubt in the father about his smarts, and in viewing adults about their smarts.  Doubt makes you pay closer attention.

Then, of course, the ad intends to create worry about the future, specifically a family’s financial security.  Worry draws you in.

The very use of the word Expert is also  hypnotizing. Many people claim to be experts and are mainly expert at selling you something.

Finally, the motto “Own your tomorrow” points to the future.  As this EFTI post about day dreaming discusses, thinking about the future, often  pulls a person Parenting tip three: into a  trance state..

Parenting tips

Parenting tip  one:   Increase your child’s awareness of Sneaky Hypnotist’s  tricks.  Using the media as I do in this post works well with teens.

Parenting tip two: Learn all you can about hypnotism.  Knowledge is power. That is  why I have made this month Sneaky Hypnotism Month on my EFT blog. Here’s one of those posts.  It is a Sneaky Hypnotist ploy on my part.

Parenting tip three: Find an ethical hypnotist to teach you and your child self-hypnotism.  Here’s a WIKI HOW SCRIPT LINK to start you off.

Parenting tip four:  Embed this message in your self-hypnosis script: “I control when I go into a trance. When in a trance, I do nothing that will harm me or others.  I do nothing I will regret later.  

Parenting tip five: Watch the ads, as I do, but with your child and comment on  Sneaky Hypnotist tricks. Doing so improves your child’s awareness of who or what thoughts are trying to control others mindlessly.


Apply this WordPress daily prompt to today’s post. Two Right Feet – What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?

See my answer at the bottom of this post.


Keep working to stay strong, I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult, relationships painful, dreams lost. Staying strong and practicing the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises keeps me better able to practice deliberate kindness.




Don’t think you can afford a life coach? Like a live coach, EFTI’s poster coaches inspire, teach, motivate, and reinforce thinking about what matters.  To use, print up in color and post there it will be seen often.  Poster Coaches can also be used at  Family Meeting. For example, this is one of the most popular and can be used during check in at family meetings:

A Feeling thermometer

MY ANSWER TO IMPROVE YOUR THINKING SKILLS  PROMPT –  Two right feet.   Honest hypnotism helps you start the day right. When I wake up I use two EFTI exercises which admittedly are designed to superuser you of the value of my exercises. The two exercises I start the day with are always Practicing Gratitude and Remembering What Matters.

Stay strong, it takes work but EFT makes it easier