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Maurice Sendak-He Knew Kids

A child of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Maurice Sendak understood little kids loved to walk on the wild side in the safety of their parent’s arms, just as many grown up kids thrill to things wild in adult books, tv, and movies.  Such safe, but scary adventures help us practice emotional survival skills.

Maurice Sendak

Sendak died today.  I hope he knows how many of us loved him and now read him to our grandchildren.

Wild Things Maurice Sendak Told Me – Speakeasy – WSJ.

What is parent to do?  Honor the need of the young and not so young to test facing fears AND at the same time input reality.  The smallest among us don’t have the judgement to know what is real and what is not.  Any parent whose kid has tried flying off the top of the stairs thinking he is Superman knows what I mean.  Saying, it isn’t real, it is just a story, it is just imaginary starts the process.  Children will still believe in magic, but the foundation for thinking more critically has been laid.

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