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Parent advice designed to improve yours and your child’s Emotional Intelligence.  But first a cartoon that focuses on hocus-pocus parenting advice

The point? We all want to know what is coming, so we are well prepared.   Quite reasonably, all parents want  their children to be prepared for the future.  Nevertheless, the time you and your children have now is the time that matters most, for it is all we are promised.

Parenting tips

Parenting tip one: The future remains one of life’s unknowns and trying to predict what will happen even tomorrow does not always work.  That we cannot predict (or control) the future does not mean we shouldn’t make plans and prepare ourselves both for the good and bad that might await.

So why this post?  Because too many work too preparing the very young for school success.  Understandable as Western Culture believes the most direct path to the good life is a good education. Guess what? Not true. The best path to the good life, once  basic human needs for shelter, warmth, food, and safety have been  met, remains practicing kindness, one of the daily Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.   

 Parenting tip two:  Good manners are the best way to practice kindness.

Parenting tip three:  Teaching good manners is easier than turning everyone into a Harvard Scholar; moreover, it can start as soon as your children start talking.

Parenting tip four: Stepping back a bit from pushing early learning might allow a bit more time for free play and free play builds creativity.

Free play means unstructured play, kids doing what they want with as little supervision or guidance as possible.  Safety first, but freedom-to-just-be next.  

Parenting tip five: Stepping back can also save you two things: time and money.


Remember what matters, laugh and play, find time for you, and practice kindness every way you can, where ever you can, as often as you can. Doing so makes your world a better place.


P.S. The Word Press Daily Prompt for today said to tell a story in which every line began with the same letter.  So here is my effort:

I ran into a bully.

I was scared.

I smiled at him.

I told him how glad I was to see him.

I gave  him a cookie.

I have a new friend.

Hokey, yes, but there it is and related to the subject of this blog post.

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