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The earlier we work to teach our kids the blessing of sharing and caring, of practicing kindness, the more likely life will not destroy that needed life skill.

Practicing Kindness is one of the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Training (EFT) Exercises. It is one of the more needed skills for both getting along in life and moving the world toward peace.

Emotional fitness is what the experts call Emotional Intelligence.  Each EFT exercise takes a few moments to practice once learned. Making them a fitness habit is far easier than turning yourself into a daily runner.

Babies as early as three or four months practice the Laugh and Play Exercise as you both play Peek-a-Boo or Pat-A-Cake. When you Laugh and Play with your children, you are strengthening your Emotional Fitness. Pat-a-Cake is also the first efforts your child makes at an EFT exercise called Move you Body.  It goes on, a two-year old can be taught Calming Breath and Being With Beauty. Sibling Rivalry is the time to teach Practicing Kindness and Forgiveness of Self and Others. Each of those exercises eventually become part of the exercises called Remember What Matters.

Go to the The Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises on my Emotional Fitness Blog for a more detailed description of each exercise.  You will find more tips and ideas about improving your and your child’s emotional health on EFTI’s pinterest page.

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Thank you and stay strong.