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Jean Tracy is a prolific writer, and one of the best parent advisers around. I knew I would have to deal with envy when I decided to download her newest book – Character Building for Kids: Cartoon Guide to Good Manners with Family Discussions. And yes, I turned a bit pea-green with envy as I laughed me way through her book.

But because I promote laughter as one way to deal with negative feelings, I  practiced my own advice and let  the laughter take over, and my usual coloring was soon restored. The book is worth buying just for the laughs.

I am copying Rolling Eyes Ricky to send to one of my sons, and Critical Chris to post on my refrigerator door. (As sometimes cranky and critical grandparents, both my husband and I need to be more mannerly when telling our kids how it should be down — that might cut down on some of the Rolling Eyes.)

Equally, worthwhile, however, are the parent guides lines, clear and useful directions for using the cartoons to teach your kids how to be more mannerly. As somewhat of an expert, I need to tell you that all the current research shows that if you want your kids to get ahead, you need to teach manners. Ms. Tracy’s book makes that easy pumpkin pie. You will not regret buying this one.


Remember my books are out there also and while I am envious of Ms. Tracy, I remain proud of my books.  Tame the Test Anxiety Monster is available  for the rest of the week at the reduced rate of  99 cents.  If you buy it please review it.  Reviews build readers.

If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon  has a free  app you can use to read their books on your computer.  Here are my other E-books, more are coming.

Meanwhile, thank you and stay strong, laughing will help.



Just saw this great review on Amazon for my Tame the Test Anxiety Monster.    When I am about to give up, those who support me lift me up. Here’s the review:

Tame the Test Anxiety Monster (Teaching A Child To) (Kindle Edition)

As a psychotherapist I am always looking for accessible, accurate and helpful material on emotional regulation to share with my clients. “Tame the Test Anxiety Monster” meets these criteria and goes one better – it employs a gentle humor that can reduce the reader’s anxiety immediately. I know it did mine.

This book will be useful not only for parents struggling to improve their skills in parenting anxious young test-takers, but also for older students who can apply the principles to themselves and adults who have difficulty regulating their own anxieties.

                                                                                  Geraldine Wallman, ACSW, DSW

Thank you Dr. Wallman.  You made my day in a very good way.

Practice Emotional Fitness by forgiving me, if this shameless blog bothered you.

As Hillel, the Elder said, If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?”

Stay strong, brag once in a while about how your heart gets lifted.