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How to Hold Successful Family Meetings

Katherine’s latest eBook is now available, in fact it’s more than an eBook, it’s a Tool Kit.

What does every family leader want? A smooth running household that works as a team, communicates well, and enjoys their time together.

In How to Hold Successful Family Meetings you’ll learn:

How to give a boost to your family traditions
How to strengthen and develop family rules
How to enhance communication in your household
A plan of action that will get you started
How to keep meetings on track and productive
How to deal with objections and discipline at meetings
How to keep even the youngest members of the family interested

The tips and strategies in this book will have you running your first successful Family Meeting in no time.

Bonus Tool Kit: The information in this book is further supplemented by templates for the Family Meeting agenda, statement of rules, minutes and a cheat sheet, plus numerous inspirational quote posters to keep you strong. Printable on A4 or letterhead sized paper from your family printer, the resources in the Tool Kit provide added support for you as you embark on this most rewarding routine.

Bonus chapter: A bonus chapter provides invaluable information for families who have meetings with third parties for legal, medical, educational and other reasons.

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