I am here and often feel like a Rambling Wreck for Aging Tech. Soon to be 83, slightly demented, but still laughing, able to write almost coherently, and very grateful.

Mega problems with my Emotional Fitness Training Blog. Sigh. WordPress not helping to straighten things out unless I pay for an update and premium blog. Cannot afford that, SOOOOooooo …. for now, all posts will start here. Hoping from here I can send them to the EFT Blog. We will see if that works out. Never wanted heaps of money, but a bit more would help. Enough is a blessing as the Irish say, and I do have enough to stay warm and eat all the cholate I want, so grateful.

I am working on my next book: “Thinking of Therapy, Think Carefully.” I will be posting chapters here and will be thankful for any comments or suggestions for improvement.

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