Hard times, updaye

Life has been difficult for me since November 2019. Started with a COVID like illness, extreme fatigue, aches, rashes; no fever, no difficulty breathing. Curtailed activities.

In July, I fell and fractured my pelvis and sacrum. Thought I was doomed to be bedridden.

Now, November 2020, I am home, walking with a cane, and still progressing. A shout out to my family and friends for their mega support.

I recently reconnected with an elementary school friend on Facebook. She said she would be reading my blog. Made me think I better get busy.

Mainly, I think given my age and energy level, I will post briefly and some days only send a poster coach. Hope you will find that inspiring. Sometimes I will post jokes. Laughs keep us strong.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a gratitude poster. We who are here reading this are truly among the blessed. As I am for being able to write this. I will try to post weekly, if only to offer a laugh or inspiration though a poster coach, joke, or cartoon.

This weeks poster coach.

Stay strong, laugh lots, persevere, be kind, be grateful, and remember what matters.


3 responses to “Hard times, updaye


  2. Nice to see you back here, Katherine. Sending hugs. xo

  3. Thank you. Hope you are safe and adding strength.

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