How to Teach Love and Staying Safe

The rise in mass shootings worries me, I am sure it worries all who care about children.  What to do? Teach love and staying safe.

Peace and love poster


Hate is a sign of weak #emotionalintelligence.  Parents who teach hate to children fail all. If supported by the media or culture all are endangered.

First parent tip: Purge your heart of hatred. Not as hard as you think providing you accept that all people do the best they can given the lessons they have been  taught by life and parents and others.  Learn EFTI’s  emotional intelligence boosting Three Steps to Forgiveness Exercise.

Second parent tip: Be alert to media messages promoting hate.  These can be as subtle as sports fans yelling “Kill the umpire” or as strong as calls for “Death to the infidel.”

Third parent tip: Encourage your pre-teen and teenager’s critical thinking skills.  These skills are the core components of emotional intelligence. Use the media, use advertizements, use their favorite songs. Teach them fact checking.  Ask questions about the messages. Do so with an open heart.  A growing mind is a garden to be carefully tended.

Fourth parent tip:  Start teaching manners as soon as your child starts talking. Manners promote respect and respect promotes peace.

Fifth parent tip: Punish aggressive behavior that possessively seeks to hurt others living creatures.   Proper punishment is not abuse, but a tool to teach self discipline, another essential emotional intelligence skill.

Sixth parent tip: Teach the art of self defense.  Search out a Peace DoJo. Not all want peace, children need to know how to stand strong against bullies.


Thank you for all you do, enjoy and be grateful for all you have been given, practice kindness, like, share or comment.



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