Ten things parents of small kids shouldn’t sweat

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If there’s anything I’ve learned since returning to work after a year of maternity leave, it’s that there really isn’t time to worry about things that don’t matter. Mind you, there wasn’t time for that before I went back to work, either.

As a result of sheer exhaustion – partly due to my one-year-old son N’s insistence on getting up before the sun does – along with the rest of the household chaos, I have adopted a more carefree parenting perspective. And I think you should too.

Just because your child loses sleep doesn’t mean you have to. Well, actually it does, but you get the gist. Here are a few things we in-over-our-heads parents of young children ought to have a WTHC (who the hell cares?) attitude towards:

1. The child who won’t give up the pacifier.

"Don't. Even. Think. About taking away my pacifier." “Don’t. Even. Think. About taking away my pacifier.” [Elena Stepanova/Fotolia] Convinced your child…

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