Thinking before acting is the Emotional Fitness aka Emotional Intelligence game plan. The first thing to think about is safety. This EFT Poster Coach says it all.

When to call 911

This is a reblog of Emotional Fitness’s Free 101 Course. Session Fifteen If you haven’t started the course at the beginning, do so now. Here is session one followed by the others. 


Tip one:  When danger looms, kids need to STOP.  So here is another poster coach to help with that. It can be taught as soon as a child can talk a bit.



Also works when adults are acting like kids and stepping on your last nerve.


Next focus will be on how to think clearly instead as your emotions dictate. Heart or head, intuition (gut) or brain.


I often use these prompts to spark my posts.  They work to improve  critical thinking which is the heart of emotional intelligence. Critical thinking is about thinking more deeply and ruling out some common thinking errors.

You can think about the prompts  as stated or use them to spark other thoughts which is what I usually do. If I put on my thinking cap the prompts can be related to Emotional Fitness. Here’s how I did that for this post.

DAILY PROMPT   The Spice of Success – If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?

How this relates to emotional fitness and today’s post:  Success requires some risk.  Risk is a heady spice luring you into taking chances, rewarding you with the high of surviving, if you survive. The middle road works best.


All the handouts and poster coaches for this course are being posted at the store so you can download them for free  (Handouts are in Black and White while Poster Coaches are in color.)

Some might not be up yet.  I am a Jill of all in this business, so some things take longer than others.  If a handout isn’t posted yet, you will find lots of other offerings including inspirational quotes or more EFTI exercises.



Please rate this material. Doing so helps me ratings. This is what your stars will mean to me. No stars – Not helpful; One star – Reinforced my knowledge –  Two Stars; New information –  Three stars;  New useful information; Four stars – Very good; Five stars – Excellent.

Thank you and work at staying strong until next time,. I work hard to do the same as life is often difficult but staying strong lets me find the good.


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