Crazy or Not?

Crazy is inherited. You get it from your children. So said one pundit. So also says this eCard:

Crazy house wife's excuse eCard


As with all EFTI’s test, this one has no research validity and was created to get you and others thinking a bit about what matters – a major emotional fitness skill. And of course, I hoped to give you a chuckle or two. Laughing is an Emotional Fitness Exercise. The test? The more you answer yes to any of these signs the more craziness might visit.

Ten signs you are too stressed

Emotional Fitness Tip

Don’t worry about whether you are crazy or not. Think instead about whether you are kind or cruel to others or yourself.  When cruelty begins getting  the upper hand, the time has come to get de-stressed, try these Emotional Fitness Exericises;

!2 Easy Emotional Fitness Poster

If these don’t bring you back to kindness, time to see a shrink.


Almost everyone worries a bit about their level of craziness. Life.  Mental health evaluations are required for those planning to kill themselves or others.  That should make you wonder about most of our world leaders.

Want to keep yourself and your kids sane, the best bet is practicing gratitude, kindness, self-soothing, forgiveness; laughing and playing lots;and  remembering what matters.

As always thank you for all you do? Like this post? Be kind and comment or share it.  Also think of visiting the EFTI Store for a  some quick inspiration or other EFTI exercises.


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