TX Children Like Dogs

 I  only half believe in quick fix promises.  However,  one “universal law” many preach often  holds true: The Law of Expectation. But first, how it doesn’t work: 
Texting through Thanksgiving Dinner.
How does this related to TX Children Like Dogs?   Okay, I haven’t put this into words until now,  but the truth remains:  I believe children would benefit if treated a bit like a dog needing training rather than  a precious piece of china needing protection. The world would also benefit, and parents would face less stress if kids had the same kind of basic training dogs get from their mothers or from a dog trainer.


The following is from Adam G Katz’s newsletter, a must read for all new parents. and a bit better than either of my books. Also on a par with The One Minute Manager, another of my must read books not found in the Parent Section of Your Book Store. 
“Dog Obedience – Your Dog And The Law Of Expectation”
Okay–I just made that up.  I don’t even know if there actually is a
Law of Expectation: your dog will respond to commands and his environment in a manner that is consistent with how you expect him to respond.
I’ve seen this time and time again, when working with clients.
For example, an owner’s dog shows possessive behavior over a bone
or a toy.  The owner apprehensively tries to take the bone away,
but their dog responds by possessively guarding the toy and may
even run off with it.
Game over.
Then, I approach the dog and calmly just take the toy.  The dog
gives it up without even thinking about responding in a possessive
manner.  And the owner is left with their mouth gaping open,
followed by the often-heard surprise remark (so well-known to
professional dog trainers) “Why doesn’t he do that for me?”
He doesn’t, because dogs are experts in reading body language.
Even better than humans are.  And they will react in a manner that
is consistent with how you expect them to act.  Thus: Adam’s Law of
If you act confident when you give commands and EXPECT that your
dog will react accordingly–then he will.  (Assuming you’re using
the right techniques).
If you act without confidence–forget about it!  Your dog will
instantly know you’re not someone to be respected.  And if you’re
not someone to be respected, then your dog will not bond with you,
listen to you or want to please you.

If you find the idea of treating your children like a dog, think about this: Dogs are estimated to have the same IQ as a three-year old child.  In my book, a dog’s  #Emotionalintelligence far exceeds that of most adults.

parent advice

How to put this into play with your children? A few tips.

Tip one: Do stop thinking your children are fragile. Honor their strengths. Expect them to deal with life’s rougher stuff.  Abuse not, but coddle not.

Tip two: Squash your fears and anxiety.  Start by practicing this Emotional Fitness Exercise.  When treating your child like a loving mother or father dog, make Strong Body and Soft Face.

#emotionalintelligence poster coach teaching soft face/strong body. #parent advice

                The above is available as a free digital download at the EFTIStore.

Tip Three: As mother and father dogs know, play is as important as discipline. For dogs and children, playing is learning.  For human kids, playing with Mom and Dad both bonds and teaches. Play lots.

This post relates a bit to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up  You. We know *you* are vice-free, dear Daily Post reader. But, or perhaps we should say, “butt,” others around you and in your life are riddled with vices: they smoke; they eat too much celery; they hog the covers; they can’t keep their hands out of the office candy bowl. Which vice or bad habit can you simply not abide in others?

What  can’t I  abide in others?  Cigar smoking comes to mind for it gives me a headache. But my newest angst comes from bicyclists addicted to speeding without regard to others on shared hiking paths.

As I am totally deaf in one ear, and partially in the other ear, I never hear a speeding bicyclist approaching until they are right behind me.  I am waiting for the day I get knocked down and out.  No, I don’t want that to happen, so I stay mostly on hiking trails were bikes are not allowed and often end up walking on the grass, not the path.

Just decided, I am going to ask for a safety vest like the construction guys and gals wear, but  with the words DEAF printed in large letters on the back.

Stay strong

Parenting remains one of life’s hardest jobs. Moreover, the rewards are often long-delayed.  Keeping calm when all about you including your kids are stepping on your last nerve is often impossible. However, learning and practicing j”Soft Face and Strong Body will make the impossible nearly possible some of the time.

Finally, Thank you for all you do. I am particularly grateful to those who practice internet kindness by liking, rating, commenting, or sharing my posts.




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  3. Great advice! This will work with aggressive adults as well.

    • One would hope, but the younger it is instituted the better the results. You can teach old dogs new tricks, but not all adults. Thank you for commenting.

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