Teens: Love, lust, and abuse

Lust or love?  Nature pushes the mating call button early on and lust predominates.   Parents worry and with reason.

The loves of youth, cannot remember her name.


Remembering the intensity of your  first crushes should help you deal better with the crushes of your  teens and pre-teens.  My first true love lasted for three years.  We were stuck on each other like crazy glue for the first two years and planned to marry.

My parents wisely did not try to break us up, but asked that  the wedding  wait until I had gone to college for two years.  He was not college bound and instead joined the army, was stationed in Germany and there met another forever love.

I wept and wept, but soon was dating and thought a few were potential ever-lasting loves.  A few lasted for a few years, but eventually ended. While  my college friends got married the year we graduated, I didn’t marry until in my thirties, but it has been an ever-lasting love.

Which leads me to the best advice I can give parents worried about teens in love.  Do not try to break them up.  Will not work.

The  exception? Abuse and that includes statutory rape.  If a child in your care is being abused, as a parent you are considered responsible for the abuse.  The younger the child, the more you are in danger of being called to task by your local child welfare authorities.

My advice? Learn the laws, particularly those related to statutory rape. If you have any doubt regarding your child seek advice from  a lawyer.

Not ready to do that? Fork out $0.99 for my eBook When Good Kids Have Sex. Cheaper than most cups of coffee and a lot more useful.


Parents have it much harder these days when dealing with teens in general and particularly teens who might be or become sexually active.  Blame the media, but learn to keep your cool.

EFTI’s Twelve Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises  keep you strong  when hurt, anger, or fear visit.  Here’s is a link to a  free EFTI poster coach reminding you of ways to practice those exercises.

daily twelve

Today’s post  was prompted by Valentine’s Day and  this Word Press Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love

As always thank you for all you do to support EFTI’s efforts to help others stay strong. Kindness is karma and comes back to bless you.



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