Treat your kids like a dog

Mother and father dogs know punishment is a necessary teaching tool. Mother dogs start the process.    Watch a mother dog with her pups and see how she does it.  #parenting

 Parenting tips

The kindest parents treat their children like dogs, puppies that is. Here are five tips for parenting as the dogs do it. 

Tip one: Stop thinking punishment is a dirty word. Proper punishment is an act of love

Tip two: Proper punishment involves being clear about rules;  making the child clear about the rules; warning first – dogs growl, parents can do the same; making the punishment fit the crime; increasing the punishment until submission is obtained; re-establishing a loving relationship once submission is obtained.

Tip three:  Notice that punishments begin as soon as the puppy is big enough to break rules.  For a child that starts with toodling. Keeping children safe and keeping others safe from being hurt teaches life’s major rules.

Tip four: Four rules matter most.  Those rules:

  1. Surviving – taying safe; keeping others safe.
  2. Respect self and others – no hurting unless in self-defense.
  3. Respect property.
  4. Respect reasonable laws.

Tip five: When the child has submitted to your request for proper behavior, make soft face and strong body to show your caring. You can get a free digital copy of the  Strong Body and Soft Face  Poster Coach at the EFTI Store.

#emotionalintelligence poster coach teaching soft face/strong body. #parent advice

Download it and post it where you will see it throughout the day. Every time you see the poster take a minute to practice Strong Body and Soft Face.  take a calming breath, recall or plan an act of kindness; feel the calm strength this exercise  creates in your being.


As always also  practice  patience for parenting is hard work and the results not always clear immediately.

Be grateful for what you have been given, forgive yourself and others for failing to be all that is good as you continue to practice kindness and bring forward a more just world for all.

Thank you for all you do, particularly for liking or sharing EFTI’s ideas on the internet.


Most EFTI  posters posted on my blog can be obtained at the EFTI Store  Many are free.  Poster Coaches are printed up in color on letter size card stock and used to inspire, teach, remind you to practice #emotional_fitness exercises.

Thank you for all you do and as always stay strong.



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