All parent advice stresses communication as an essential parenting tool.  Few mention the most important  rule.  It relates a bit to this cartoon.

Savage Chicken Cartoon

Parents finish children’s sentences too and just as incorrectly.

We think we are clear, we think we speak the same language, but communication is response.  If you are not getting the response you want from a child, you are not communicating.

Parenting thoughts ABOUT failing to communicate

If you don’t know how your child thinks you cannot communicate effectively. Piaget, one of the earliest and most thoughtful students of how children grow, identified four different levels of thought each child passes through on the way to adulthood.  Here is a  quick down and dirty summary about on the way a child’s thinking changes as he or she grows:

  1. Until language develops, the child absorbs information more by bodily movements, but is also learning language.
  2. Once language is developed, the child can think about things, but his or her thoughts are magical and driven mostly by the child’s feelings. If the child wakes up in a dark room and is scared, he or she will create one or another monster lurking somewhere in the room.
  3. This next stay develops when  toys no longer talk, minature people do not live in the television set,  and  myths like Santa Claus are  known to be made up. The child, however, cannot think clearly about many things, particularly abstract ideas.  This means the child cannot really think “If then” possibilities when it comes to solving problems.
  4. Adolescence brings with it the possibility to think broadly and in the “If then” mode.  This opens doors and window to a much wider world and allows both scientific thinking and magical thinking. However, judgement is often lacking as experience is limited.

PARENTING ADVICE About communication 

Tip one:  Always hold to the idea that communication is response.  

Tip two:  Tone and body language are as important as words; sometimes more important.

Tip three: Three quarters of communication is listening.


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