A Word Press Daily Prompt: What will your blog give  out as Halloween treat?  This Poster Coach to strengthen everyone’s emotional intelligence.

Practice Kindness Emotional Fitness Poster Coach

PS. The EFTI Store opens November 1. Eeeekkkk, that is  tomorrow, which is why today I look like this:


Thank you Carl D’agostino for expressing my feelings so graphically


I am working very hard to  stay emotionally fit, what a mean when I say stay strong.  Aging makes it both harder and easier.  Having the friends I have found on the internet  rank just past family and face-to-face friends on my list of ten best staying strong tools. Make it a family priority.

Remember practicing  kindness remains a major  Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Share and care all you find of value on the internet.  I continue to hope you find my posts of value. Another hope? That tomorrow you will visit my Emotional Fitness Store and download the two free items.


Links and articles of interest

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