These five coaches  were give-a-ways at  EFTI Parenting workshops or training events.  Which would you put somewhere in your house to inspire your teen?
!2 Easy Emotional Fitness Poster

Poster one

Children's quotes about peace

Poster two

Look for the helpers

The best advice for helping a child, a teen, or an adult deal with the bad things that are part of life.

Poster three 


Poster four

If you cannot abide by these rules, more is needed, see a drug counselor or explore AA.

Poster five

Emotional Fitness Training Exercise promoting EFTI's Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises

This was in response to a Word Press Daily Post Prompt:  Simply the Best: NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs on board?

Thank you Word Press for this prompt which allows me to share some of my Poster Coaches.  These will be on sale come November 1, 2013 in the EFTI Store.

I used them to motivate my staff, my children and myself.  Would any of these motivate you to think more carefully about what matters?


Life is hard and relationships often hurtful; staying strong is far from easy.  I fail often. But persistence and keeping on with what matters makes all easier.  We need to calm our self talk and think about what matters.  Send me your favorite Staying Strong Quote and I will include it in one of my Poster quotes. 

Thank you for all you do. And share if you think another parent will find this useful. That will be practicing kindness and practicing kindness makes a difference in your world and mine.



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