A Word Press Daily Prompt: Write a script for a late-night infomercial — where the product is your blog.  First some videos:

Laughing, playing, and dancing as a family strengthens everyone’s Emotional Fitness. Toddlers love dancing with grownups who care. Teens not so much; however try this one. Or suggest the teens do some web surfing and find a fitness video to use during some Family Fun Time.

Dancing with your kids promotes three of my Twelve Easy E-fit exercises: Move Your Body, Laugh and Play, and Indulge in a Healthy Pleasure – three of my Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.

A Parenting Tip: In addition to making laughing and playing part of every day, make a point of designating at least one specific Family Fun Event every week. No need to spend money. In fact, best to have fun with life’s smaller pleasures. Consider: dancing, making cookies, watching a video, playing cards or a board game.  Using the name Family Fun Event and making a point to schedule it ahead of time, starts a ritual and rituals are useful in staying emotionally strong.

Need I say more about my show. Well, just a sentence or two. Not late night. Will compete with the news. I would play Grannykat (cloning Betty Smith) and have my  celebrity  guests dancing with kids of all ages.  Not fancy, but a  happy day-dream.

Now back to work because I have only seven more days to get my EFTI Store up and running. The main products will my eBooks and poster coaches. I will try to keep blogging but do expect to see a bit less of me until the grand opening.


Remember to practice kindness is a major way to stay emotionally strong. Share and care all you find of value on the internet. My hope is you find one or more of my posts worth sharing.

As always thank you for all you do to make our world a better place for all.


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  1. This is a beautiful idea, having fun rituals!

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