This is a recast of an Emotional Fitness Training blog post and offers  parenting advice about complaints, yours and your kids. First, a cartoon:

Emotional Fitness Training says complain less, enjoy more.

The Emotional Fitness blog post was suggested by WordPress’  Daily Prompt  asking bloggers to include the sentence “He tried to hit me with a forklift” in the last paragraph of a story.

My whole story was this paragraph: “I can’t complain, he missed me when he tried to floor me with a rock; then he tried to hit me with a forklift and  missed. Last laugh was and is mine; he hurt his back trying to hurt me and can’t get out of bed;  I am jumping for joy as justice prevailed.”


When something hurts complaining once or twice to those that can hear  eases the pain; there after,  complaining only embeds the hurt in your brain and keeps it hurting you.  The Emotional Fitness Blog Post  discusses how to deal when you want to keep complaining.

The problem for parents? Some kids are very stubborn.  Reframe stubborn:  persistent, strong willed, and determined.  A persistent complainer of any age wears you down.  When it is your child wearing you down, you do what you know is wrong: you give in.  Welcome to the Reality World called Good Enough Parenting.


Parenting Tip One: All the usual good advice about complaining and whining works. You know what I mean: ignoring, distracting timing out the little ones and  implementing monetary or other punishments  for the bigger guys and gals who beat you to emotional death with complaints. (Non-abusive punishments are important parenting tools – actions speak louder than words.”

The main requirement is that you be more stubborn than you child.

Parenting Tip Two: If you do find yourself giving in, note that you are doing so preferably with a bit of humor.  Putting your hands in the air and aSaying something like, “I surrender, but now you owe me”  minimizes the damage.

Parenting Tip Three:  Think about the signals you send that let a kid know when complaining might work.  We all knew as kids when our parents meant business and when we had wiggle room to get our own way.  My mother yelled a great deal; when she started to whisper it was time to shape up or find a hiding place.

Parenting Tip Four:  Parenting is hard, frustrating work.  One requirement for all good enough parents are strong self soothing skills.  This poster teaches one:

An Emotional Fitness Training Exercise sesigned to improve your Emotional Intelligence.

One way to take a mini-break while gathering you thoughts so you act wisely.

Parenting Tip Five: Think about buying Parents Are People, Too or Self-Soothing, Creating Calm in Your Life.  Both are available as eBooks and cost much less than a calming trip to a spa.


Finally, take time for you, time to laugh and play, and time to practice being  grateful for all you have been given. Remember kindness is key to the good life.

For all you do, thank you and if you think someone will enjoy this post, please share it. Doing so always helps me and hopefully some others.


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