Happy school is starting? That’s the question asked on the Word Press Prompt for today. What about your child? Lots of children put on a happy face, but enter the class room with fear and trepidation. What can a parent do? Read on.


Parents Are People Too Thoughts

The younger your child the more anxiety might lie underneath a happy face.  And for the most anxious, those with a more fearful than bold temperament, the happy face cannot be found on school days. Three types of anxiety play a part in school daze.
  1. Separation anxiety
  2. Social anxiety
  3. Test anxiety

Each needs to be dealt with differently.  Today’s quick thought is about separation anxiety.  If your child is fine as long as you are with him or her, but protests vigorously when you try to leave, there are two rules and only two rules.
First rule: Be certain the child will be safe when you leave. Fairly easy to follow despite all the fear mongering about child predators and the other bad things lurking in the buses of life.
Second rule: Just leave and without much ado. “You are safe; I will come back; goodbye.”

Before you make it to your car, your child will most likely have turned off the tears, and found some comfort away from you.
And yes, warnings or a transition object might help, but separating from parents is a manageable stress, a normal challenge; so walk away and let the day care staff or school staff deal. Your child will grow.

More about social anxiety in my next post.

Staying strong

If you are an anxious soul, chances are your child might be also.  The more you can self soothe and create calmness when the anxiety monster tries to control you, the more helpful you will be when it comes to helping your child deal with anxiety.  So work on your self soothing skills.

For a taste of a one of my self soothing skills, visit my Emotional Fitness Blog Page: An Easy Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Better yet, buy my eBook, Self-soothe, Create Calm In Your Life .  You can download it to your computer.

Caring and sharing is another easy self-soothing exercise called Practicing Kindness. So if you think this post might help another, share it.

Meanwhile, for all you do, thank you.


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