The best parenting advice? This week it was “Let Your Kids Be Free.” The weekend cometh; time to  plan Just Be Free Time for you and your kids.

Doug Savage cartoon to illustrate a Parents Are People Too and Emotional Fitness Training blog post

Stay strong

Part of emotional fitness, what others call  Emotional Intelligence and something you want your kids to develop, comes from thinking about what matters.  That starts with time to just be, to play or laugh if that is what you want, but also just to be.  Hopefully, that means watching the stars or sitting quietly in a tree you’ve climbed and letting your thoughts come and go.
Maybe you and your kids don’t live where they can be free in the outside world. But encouraging quiet time alone to be and to think or not to think, enriches and builds emotional strength.
Remember to share and care. Small acts, pushing a like button for example, matter and make a difference in someone’s life.
Thank you for all you do.
PS. A big Thank you to Doug Savage for letting me share his cartoons.  His sharing and caring, the laughs he sends out into the universe make a big difference in many lives.


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