We are often better at forgiving others than ourselves.  True forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself.

Self forgiveness prayer

Forgiving ourself is easiest when we have realistic standards.  Perfection is a harsh task master and almost always un-necessary. Make “Good enough” one of your self-talk slogans.  Say it when you feel the claws of perfectionism digging into your heart and soul.


We are taught to praise our children and some do it incessently. Then praise becomes empty. Substituting the words “Good Enough” works better.  Moreover, “Good Enough” moderates frustration and failure far better than most other words.  Try saying these too words the next time you are tempted to praise your child; see how she or he responds.


Remember what matters: laugh and play every day and double on weekends.   

As always  thank you for sharing and caring.



3 responses to “SELF FORGIVENESS

  1. Forgiving yourself is part of 12 Step program. I have never been able to do that. Seems the Lord and other people have such ability for me or not. But in those regrets I try to live not being the source of anyone’s misfortune and conduct myself with a fashion that will not bring self shame or need for amends to others.

    • Thank you Carl, and yes it is hard. Moreover, it can be dangerous as it can lead us down the path of feeling more righteous then we are. Not good. At the same time, too many of us judge ourselves harshly which is why I agreed with the twelve step people about this one. Glad we have become friends.

      For all you do, thank you and remember to practice kindness, Play the Rice Game and help feed the hungry.

      Katherine Gordy Levine

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  2. Self forgiveness, so true but not always easy to do.
    I will try to double up my laughter and play this weekend. Thanks for the reminder. Have a great weekend yourself Katherine.

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