Apologies are part of the Emotional Fitness Exercise called Forgiveness.  This Wrong Card makes an important point:

Sometimes we apologize when we feel a hurt the other person does not feel.

Sometimes we apologize when we feel we hurt another person and they have no idea what we are talking about. One reason we need to think less emotionally and realize what we feel is not always what someone else feels. . Thank you Wrong Cards.


Children often don’t know what we mean when we say “I’m sorry.”  That is why when you apologize you always need to include what you are apologizing for. That is also why you need to teach children the same.

For more about apologizing go to Apologies: Healthy for You and Your Child .


Remember what matters; teach your children good manners; apologizing is one and manners matter; so do hugs, practicing kindness, laughing, and playing together.

As always for all your sharing and caring, I thank you.



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