Parents Need Me-time


Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.  Ovid

With all there is to do, and all the pressure to do it all, Me-time, particularly for parents becomes harder and harder to schedule. You and only you can make it a priority for you.  Boost your motivation to do so, by remembering you care best for others when you  care for yourself. .


Even on vacation or off for a weekend on your own, make a Me-time date.  I usually take my daily me-time in the late evening.  I am a night owl, but at times when I cannot sleep, I also declare some me time. and hop out of bed to do my thing.

Although on a road trip, my weekend and days of rest are  approaching and I will take a Shabbat break.  No matter what your beliefs about a higher power, a day devoted to a simpler life is strengthening.  To me that means thinking about what matters, not spending money, not working on any  commercial ventures,  not using my beloved computer, turning off the cell phone,  connecting with friends, nature, and my version of G-d.

Create a day of rest for your family.  Yours and their  life will improve. Set aside one day a week for no (or minimal) travel, no turning on the tv, radio, or computer,  turning off your cell phone. going only where you can walk.  Try it you might like it.  And yes, that might be a bit extreme, so adjust it to your and your family’s comfort zone.  Some families observe an evening break, others an hours me time to wind down for bed-time. Experiment until you find what works for you.

The earlier you start these alone time strategies the better. Teenagers are harder to woo into such times.  And yes, one of my ongoing cranks is how much harder it is on today’s parents to find Me-time. .  David and I were both at home and it was hard enough, but during those years as foster parents we did not hold other jobs.   So if you are working at more than being a parent, more then ever you will need some Me-time.   Start small and spread.  I

I have rushed to get this post up, so forgive any errors.  Peace be yours.

For all you do thank you.

IMAGE BY ME: Wild flowers in a field allowed to rest.

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