Failure is part of life.  You will always fail.  But as this poster reminds us, to fail does not mean you are a failure; the best use of a failure is to look for the lessons. The way you deal with mistakes teaches children a life lesson.

Quotes about failing

Today’s parenting tip about failure: read this link: Brain Rules: 5 Brain Rules for Parents.

Stay strong

Failure is not an option it is a reality.  As I have said before one of my mother’s favorite quotes was “Nothing ventured nothing gained.”  She said that in response to the fact I was a shy child.  It worked.  I think you would like it appended to say “Nothing ventured, nothing learned; nothing learned, nothing gained.”


In a few days I will be on a road trip back East for a visit. At least that is the plan and as my mother would say “God willing.”  This means I might not be posting, although I am hoping to do some road trip posts on my Emotional Fitness Blogs and will at least try to copy them here.  Much depends on the tiredness factor and the availability of wi-fi. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, for all you do to spread kindness, thank you; it matters, you matter.


2 responses to “YOU WILL FAIL, ALWAYS!

  1. I love your quotes. Here is one I use in my goal setting workshops for unemployed individuals “You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Mary Pickford
    They always seem to like it. Being unemployed makes people feel like failures and it is important that they realize it is a temporary set back, not a failure. I may borrow some of yours as well. Thanks!

    • Yes, and the difficulty in the USA is expectations are so high and one is expected to pull themselves up by boot straps. Hard if you don’t have boots. Moreover, the jobs that many people did are vanishing. We were at a new Walmart’s Neighborhood Market tonight. Only two cashiers. All the rest self check out. My managed care is installing automatic check ins and I expect in time the friendly receptionists will be whittle down. Can no longer find a gas station with an attendant as you could in my small home town, once upon a time.

      A hard life out there for many.

      For all you do, thank you and remember to practice kindness, Play the Rice Game and help feed the hungry.

      Katherine Gordy Levine

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