Before a child starts walking you can teaching them the skills needed to participate in family meetings. How? Using sign language.


“Your turn,””Stop,” “All done,” “Wait,” and “Quiet” were  among the first signs I taught my grandsons. Didn’t teach your kids  signs?  No matter, start using them now.   To use at a family meeting, make a copy of my little poster print it up and post it during the meeting.  As soon as every family member learns the signs, they will use them to keep others on track also.

Stay strong

Here comes the commercial ‘How To Hold Successful Family Meetings’is  available on Amazon Kindle free until midnight June 25th

Thank all who practice kindness,  sharing and caring, you make a difference, you make the world better.



  1. I just wrote about our recent family meeting during a trying time. I like the idea of signing tips. Thanks for sharing.. Blessings to you!

    • Thank you. I do find signing often works better than words and if you know them and can combine them with the words, eventually just the signs are needed. Even my dog know a few.

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