Once your good kid is launched into the world, you have little control over who he or she befriends. Still there are things you can do that might help.

Picture of good kids bad kids quote about friendship

PARENTING tHOUGHTS about bad friends

Only the test of time shows adults how to sort out good friends from bad friends. Having been betrayed by “good friends” parents want to protect their children from the same.  But children have to learn some things on their own.

parenting tip

Your job, as your child moves out in real world, is to serve as a safety net. You  need to be there to catch, hold, and love when life and others betray.  The less you criticize friends, the more likely your child will turn to you when trouble brews.

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Waiting and watching a child you love, stumble and fall hurts you, sometimes as much as it hurts your child.  You need strong emotional fitness skills to stay calm and the child needs your encouragement more than you sympathy.

If you have questions about what I suggest, you can ask them on the comments to this post. Good luck  and thank you for all you do.



  1. Great Article. Your post reinforces what I tell my fiance when she starts to complain about or eight year old son.

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