Talk to your children about peace.  Doing so will help them think about what matters, a major emotional fitness training exercise.

Children's quotes about peace

PARENTING tips about teaching peace

Tip one: Build peace within your heart. Model acting peace.

Tip two: Practice kindness. A peaceful  heart is not enough. Your children need to see being kind to all, not just those you love.

Tip three: Teach your children manners.

Tip four: Teach your children to meditate.  You can start with my One Minute Meditation.

Tip five: Encourage good sportsmanship in schools as well as in free play. When watching sports condemn bad sportsmanship. Remind your children playing is for fun; sports are best used to learn how to get together.

Tip six: Take a self-defense course with your child.  Pick a teacher that also teaches peace.

Tip seven: Talk about why people get angry and hurt others.  Use the media to discuss cruelty, war, prejudice, hate.

Tip eight: Normalize anger. Teach it as an emotion that needs expressing but properly which means with words and solution seeking.

Tip nine: Teach the art of apologizing and making an amends.

Tip ten: Model all the above.


Negative emotions are part of life.  They visit all and children look to you to teach them feeling management.  The more your children learn to deal with negative feelings, the more they are  prepared for making it in the real world.

For all you do to create peace and a safe world for all, thank you; you are making a difference and you are showing children how to do the same.


IMAGE  Peace Doves designed for the national peace day in 1993 before political transition in South Africa

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