Me-Time Musts

Parenting advice: Plan your me-time so you can stay strong for times like this:

Some days you absolutely know they are plotting to get you.

Some days you absolutely know the little ones are out to get  you.

parent advice

Plan daily me-time and quiet time to keep you from flipping out when it seems not just the world, but the kids are all plotting to drive you to that mad, bad place.

You cannot tie the kids up or gag them, but you can teach them to take quiet time so you can get some for you. The earlier you start the better.  Just extending nap time to stay quietly in your room time.

And here is my gift to you, this weekend my : My eBook, Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises to Tame Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings, is free on Amazon this Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May. It can be read on a Kindle, or any tablet or computer, using Amazon’s free reading apps.

The exercises seem simple and you already do some. The good news, however, is that they can be practiced in a minute or less, and so once learned can be practiced through out the day to keep mad, bad, or sad feelings from controlling you.

And as usual for all you do, thank you, and have a good weekend, I have planned my me-time, quiet-time, play time, family and friend time. Do the same.   


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