Stay strong, stay emotionally fit and  stand strong against  the madness of our workaholic society.

A do nothing to do list

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I would never be happy with nothing to do, but that is me. For many the best me-time might well be lying in a hammock or on some sweet-smelling grass looking up a tree and just being.  I often did that as a child, but with a book by my side when restless me wanted to do something.


My usual Friday reminder  to give me-time, family and friend time, laugh and play time first  place on your do to list.  Run away from most other must do stuff. Moreover, make at least one day free from money and electronic connections. Doing so allows you to focus more on what matters as well as doing a bit to help Mother Nature stay cool.


This week’s free book  is about when Good Kids Run Away. Many do and most return home safely, sadly some do not.


It can be read on a Kindle or a computer using Amazon’s free reading apps. This book is based on a chapter from my  book ‘When Good Kids Do Bad Things – A Survival Guide for Parents of Teenagers‘.

If you know someone who might be helped my book, care and share.

Next weekend, Twelve Easy Emotional Exercises To Tame Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings will be free.  For a sample go here:

The fourth book in my Emotional Fitness Series, Know Your Feelings – Become a Feeling Detective, An Emotional Fitness Training® Program will be released on Amazon this week.  Watch for  my mini book launch of this newest one on my Personal Facebook Page.


Remember taking care of you strengthens you to take care of others. Be kind and caring for others matters and also strengthens you.

For all you do, thank you.


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