“Laugh and Play” is an emotional fitness exercise. Laughing and playing with another  builds yours and theirs emotional health.

Play with your children, your grandchildren, and your inner child.

Play with your children, your grandchildren, and your inner child. Thanks to Pinterest and Facebook  Friend Katherine Joanna Lockett.

parent thoughts about play

A quick quote: Bob hope said this about play: “If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.”

Here is a video posted by  Ellen Seidman who writes the  Love That Max blog of a ritual play date with Max and his sister.   

Max has cerebral palsy and Ellen  blogs about the ups and downs of dealing with a special need child.  Reading her blog has helped me  love Max and to be more sensitive to the families struggling with problems others know little about. Shaing personal stories fights  stigma. Thank you Ellen.


Tip one:  Have play date rituals.  The video shows one. We had a joke night when we were foster parents, You could not be excused from the table until you told a joke.

Tip two: Play spontaneously.  Impromptu dancing is a good way to do so. So is suddenly skipping when out walking or playing quick games of “Catch Me if You Can” or “Hide and Seek.”

Tip three: Play whether your children are around or not.  Punky our dog substitutes for a playmate when the grands are not here.

Don’t have a dog. Dance through the house singing a favorite song.  Mine is Neil Diamond’s Song Sung Blue.  Bounce a ball. Play solitaire.  That was my mother’s favorite.  I do word puzzles and I cheat by looking at the answers when stuck.  Otherwise, it would be work, not play.


Life is a struggle and playing, particularly if accompanied by laughter and giggling is essential to building emotional endurance.

My book Twelve Easy Exercises To Tame Mad, Bad, and Sad Feelings  discusses healthy play and laughter in greater detail.   Added value:  The book costs less than a Starbucks’ fancy latte, adds no calories and can be sipped over and over again. 

As noted earlier the Parents Are People Newsletter will soon be published.   A quick read, the newsletter will add a new post,  contain some news, a poster coach, a  joke, or  a quote for thinking about what matters. Sign up on the sidebar. 

As usual for all you do to support me, thank you.



The first: My advice is just that. Although based on what are called evidenced based practices, the is no guarantee it is the right advice for you and your family. Experiment, try my exercises, if they are not useful to you try another parent adviser.

The second: I have dysgraphia, a learning disability that peppers my writing with mis-spelling and punctuation errors. All my books are professionally edited. Not so my blog post. Although I use all the grammar and spelling checks, mistakes slip by. If they bother you, seek another source of support for life’s less savory moments.   Life is too short to let problems you can avoid annoy or stress you.

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