This post offers a few laughs about mistakes and then a quote about the value of mistakes for one and all. The week’s theme is kindness, and worrying less about your mistakes  is being kind to yourself.

Jokes about mistakes; the best one "Never say 'Opps.' Always say 'How interesting.'"

Did you laugh? If not, life and bad feelings must be having their way with you.  Find support, dark times need witnesses, hands to hold, people to hug.  When you can laugh again at jokes like these, you have moved a bit into the light.

parenting advice about MISTAKES

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who spent her career learning about death and dying says this about mistakes, “There are no mistakes, no coincidences.  All events are blessings give to us to learn from.”

And yes that is little bit too  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” for me and probably for some of you, particularly if at the moment life is beating up on you.  There is some reality in her thoughts. All that happens in the school of life needs mining for lessons. If no other good comes from pain, the lessons pain teaches stregnthen us emotionally.

Parenting tip

If you cannot forgive and learn from your mistakes, your children will have a hard time doing the same.


If your weekend is upon you spend a bit of your me-time and quiet-time letting go of past mistakes.  Let your mind review the more painful ones, then tell yourself “That was interesting, that was then, this is now.”

Whenever, a painful memory visits, the best way to improve your emotional fitness is to say “That was then, this is now” and then to make a conscious effort to practice a feel good Emotional Fitness Training Exercise.  Be with Beauty is one that helps banish bad feelings. Then there is Practicing Kindness, the subject of my newest Pinterest Board.

Reminder,:six days until my 76th Birthday and  hope you will drop by my Facebook Birthday and Book Launch Party.   I will be partying most of the day  so come when you can, stay for a minute or two, enjoy the party favor of the hour, and move on. Come back if you can, don’t worry if you can’t return. 

As always, thank every one of you for being part of my added care team and helping me stay strong.


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