Giving to charity is practicing kindness, a major emotional fitness exercise, however, both parents and children need to be cautious when giving money away.

A blog post about checking our charities before contributing.PARENTING ADVICE ABOUT GIVING TO CHARITY

Charity Watch is a good place to visit before writing a check for any charity.  Two examples: There are over 60,000 charities that use the word Veteran in their title. Easy to know why. People care about our soldiers. Many are worthy, but others are not.

One of the largest churches brags about its charitable donations, but only 7 per cent of what is contributed gets to the people in need.  The Red Cross on the other hand puts 97 per cent of what it raises to people in need.

You can also just type a question like this “Is Wounded Warriors a Good Charity?” into your browser and get a rating.  Wounded Warrior gets three stars out of four.

Staying Strong

Part of my effort at this stage of my life is to leave a legacy.  My love is my family’s legacy.  But I am also eager to share some of my hard-earned knowledge about emotional fitness.  You may have noticed, I am promoting my sharing knowledge business aka Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.

As part of that effort, I am changing my Emotional Fitness Pinterest Boards to better reflect emotional fitness.  The biggest change right now  is trying to creat a board for each exercise. I am currently working on the Practice Kindness Board.  Visit it for more tips about being cautious when giving to charity.

I also wrote a long post on Emotional Fitness Training’s Blog about being cautious.  I started with a story about when I why I give to street beggars, something most people say is a “No-no and then added six tips for wise giving.   Here is that link. 

Given my coming birthday party and book launch event, my last reminder of that page was  in the form of a Cranky Old Lady Rants Poster. 

A cranky old lady rant.

For all you do to support me and others, as always thank you.

Stay strong, I work at it all the time.



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