This post offers what I call a snorting laugh – humor followed by the  realization that the laugh holds too much truth.

A mistake made by many people with great convictions is that they will let nothing stand in the way of their views, not even kindness. Bryant H. McGill

Some humor hides truths that hurt and should be thought about.

parenting advice about TEACHING kindness

Practicing kindness is an emotional fitness exercise and related to my Emotional Fitness Training skill called Thinking About What Matters.   My mission is to promote  what Daniel Goleman and others call Emotional Intelligence.

A previous post offered ten tips for teaching kindness to your children. This one asks that you work to sensitized your child to the false values preached by the media and by a great many others.

Parenting tip

Most of those connect to the internet are bombarded by messages from  a highly competitive culture that focuses on two anti-kindness values  

The first: Success means being top dog and as the quote suggests putting beating others ahead of kindness.

The second: By being top dog you get money, media attention, and happiness.

Parenting tip: Remember what matters, and neither money, being the top dog, getting media attention guarantee happiness. Moreover, happiness is usually a momentary feeling.  What last longer is contentment with who you are and the presence of caring people in your life.  Kindness is the key to finding both.

Warning:  Bullies will take advantage of kindness.  Then the trick is to know when to protect yourself and practice kindness from a distance.


Cruelty is part of human nature or there would have been peace on earth since the beginning of time.  As noted, there are bullies. Moreover, our competative society fosters their belief their behavior is okay.  Not good for any of us.  So part of practicing kindness is standing up to bullies in one way or another and teaching your child to be able to defend themselves and others.  Which is why in several earlier posts I promoted Akido.

In response to yesterday’s post,  a few have signed up to drop by my Facebook 76th Birthday Party and Book Launch.  Thank you.  It is a drop by event and  every hour will offer a taste of one of my 12 Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises, the subject of my newest book.   It helps my publicity efforts if you say you will come.  If you can that is great, but if your day gets busy, not a problem.  

As always, thank every one of you for being part of my added care team and helping me stay strong.


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