If I had to be on only one social media, it would be Pinterest.  So it saddens me that so few of you are there yet.  This is the book that can walk you through the pinning process.  Get it FREE  for one day only, get it now.

I've been pinning for months, but Melissa Taylors book taught me oddles. Get it free today by clicking here.

I’ve been pinning for months, but Melissa Taylor’s book taught me oddles. Get it free today February 7th by clicking here. Download it to your computer if you don’t have a kindle. You will have no regrets. I promise.


ONE: It is easier than you think.

TWO: If you can add pictures to Facebook, you can pin.

THREE: Get a Pin It button for your tool bar and pinning is mega easy.

FOUR: All you  need to know is in Melissa’s Taylor’s book.

FIVE: Melissa Taytor’s Pinterest Savvy is free today and today only.

SIX: If you have stuff to sell, Pinterest makes it easy.

SEVEN: What you pin stays there and doesn’t roll away as it does on Facebook.

EIGHT: If you have a blog what you pin links back to your blog.

NINE: Want to be private: You can have three secret boards that only you and those you want to see can see.

TEN: You will be openning the doors to an astounding world of knowledge, beauty, great quotes, great craft ideas, places to go and things to do. You decide what you want to see. Finally, Pinterest is a good way to take a break when needed.

Oh, and did I mention that Melinda Taylor’s book Pinterest Savvy is free today. If you don’t have a Kindle you can still get the electronic version down loaded to your computer.

Click here for the  link to your free copy  

Click here to see Melissa’s Pins.

Click here to see Melissa’s Blog

Click here to see my boards.  

Is this an ad? Absolutely, but one I am pleased to write.  Get her book, you will have no regrets.  

Stay strong, and remember to like and share with those who might benefit.  Plan your week end’s me time by getting Melissa’s book and joining Pinterest.



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