Sent to me by a college friend–a definite WOO or Wise Old One. Not sure where she got it, but I related and hope the exhausted parents among you will laugh a bit also.


Learn my One Minute Meditation (OMM).  Lets you take a break, any time, any where.

I know for many of you, the thought of meditating sends “I can’t” messages running through your brain.  It does mine, which is why I developed the OMM or what I call the one minute meditation.  The more you practice this quick break from stress, the stronger it grows.  You start by taking a Calming Breath.

Often you are told to take a deep breath to calm yourself.  Helps but learning to take a Calming Breath helps more. Here is how to take not just a deep breath, but a Calming Breath:

Breathe in slowly to a count of five.  Hold your breath for a count of five. Breathe out slowly to another count of five. As you breathe out, say a silent “Ahhhhhh. Smile softly.

As you are taking that first Calming Breath, imagine a strong force is going to gather up all your negative energy as you breathe in.  Help this force by tightening all your muscles beginning with your toes and moving up one set of muscles after another to your head.  As you hold your breath, keep the muscles tight; then as you breathe out; let the negative energy drain away as you slowly and consciously relax each muscle group.

After the Calming Breath, continue breathing as you normally do. Don’t worry about the thoughts that try to capture you.  Watch them come and go as they will.  If thoughts become too intrusive, take another Calming Breath and repeat a countering slogan.  Two of mine are “Now is not forever” and “It is all all right.”

After a minute or two, take another Calming Breathe and go about your day.

This won’t work at first and not if you are already racing through your over wrought “To Do List.”  So practice it first a night as you are winding down for the day.  If you fall asleep before finishing that is okay. Another time to practice is that wonderful moment when all the kids are nestled snug in their beds.  I used to stand and watch mine sleep for a few minutes to let the negatives of the day drain away.


Parenting is exhausting work and drains your emotional strength. My Parents Are People Too  book builds emotional strength.  It is available in Kindle and will soon be available in a new hold it in your hands book.

Thank you for following me and for your support. Liking, commenting, and sharing are other ways you can help me and others stay strong. Moreover,  you will be practicing kindness one of the Daily 12 and strengthening your emotional fitness.

As I tell myself a thousand times a day, stay strong, give lots of love, be grateful, practice kindness, live now, give and seek forgiveness, and always hope  the blessing of the forces beyond our control are with you and those you love.



All my books are available on my  Amazon Author Page  If you buy one, please add a review.  You will be practicing kindness to me and hopefully to others.

Here is my thank you gift if you have just started following me.   It is a free quide to the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises. Reduces stress builds emotional stress.

You might find my Emotional Fitness Training®’s Pinterest  site helpful.  That is where I also share lots of other people’s information about staying strong both as a parent and as an individual.

DISCLAIMER: FORGIVE MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS FOR I HAVEDYSGRAPHIA.   If you need perfect posts, you will not find them here. Dysgraphia is a not well known learning disability and means that sometimes my sentence structure is not that easy to follow or I make other errors. Still, most people understand me. All of my books are professionally edited, but not all of my blog posts are.  If this troubles you, feel free to read elsewhere.  If you persevere, you are practicing kindness by lifting my spirits for that means you find what I say helpful and that is one of my missions. Kindness always repays those who spread it.

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