This posts continues my efforts to urge parents to hold formal family meetings.  The best way to start is by instituting a family craft or game night.


Remember, a meeting is any get together involving two people and at least one with an agenda.  One adult wanting some fun time with one child is a meeting, but an informal one.  Announcing the meeting ahead of time, or making it a regularly scheduled meeting turns informal meetings into formal meetings.

One of my fondest memories is being taught to play various card games by my father on our very rare family vacations.  I must have been six or seven when he started including me.


Tip one: Playing games with a child starts with Patty-Cake or Inkie-Dinkie Spider.  We take our three and one year old grandchildren to the local Y and onto the Racket Ball Court.  They chase balls, we use the rackets and a great time is had by all.  Lots of games can be dumbed down and played with the pre-school set.  Doing so lays the foundation for future games.

Tip two: Use handicapping to level the playing field.  How?  Playing soccer – adults have to walk, or only hit the ball with their heads.  Playing chess with a beginner – he gets all his pieces you play with minus enough pieces to give him a chance to win.

Tip three: Games are for fun and it is how you play the game that matters – not if you win.

Tip four: My Pinterest board Family Fun and Fun for One is full of other people’s pins and ideas for family crafts.


Family meetings are a major tool for helping all in a family stay strong.  Making fun events part of each meeting enhances the power of such meetings.

Emotional Fitness Exercises are another way to stay strong, so, here is my thank you gift if you have just started following me.   It is a free guide to the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises. These are easy to learn, easy to practice and helpful to anyone dealing with life’s stresses and every day problems.

As I tell myself a thousand times a day,  stay strong, never weaken, give lots of love to others and to yourself, be grateful, practice kindness, live now, give and seek forgiveness, and always hope  the blessing of the forces beyond our control are with you and those you love.


Here is my thank you gift for those joining me for the first time.  Click here to be taken to an introduction to the Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises.  Practicing kindness is one.



Liking, commenting, sharing are acts of social media kindness and very easy to practice.  So be kind to me and all your media friends. I promise you will be repaid.

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DISCLAIMER ONE: EMOTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING IS NOT THERAPY Even the most learned researchers and therapists quarrel about much.  Take their advice and mine carefully.  Don’t just listen to your heart, but also think; don’t just think, listen to your heart.  Heart and head working together increase the odds you will find useful advice amid all the promises and hopes pushed at you be others.  As others have noted, take what seems useful, leave the rest.

DISCLAIMER TWO: FORGIVE MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS If  you need perfect posts, you will not find them  here;  I will understand if you don’t follow, like or share what  like me.  Not only am I dealing with an aging brain, but all of my life I have been plagued by dysgraphia–a learning disability,  Some of my posts might be peppered with bad spelling, poor punctuation, and worse words that make no sense.  If  you want to hang in with me, thank you; you are kind. If a post doesn’t make sense or bugs you too much, try reading it a few days later.  Often I catch the worse mistakes when I read the post after a few days.

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