Taking a break from almost any activity is useful.  Well, maybe not washing dishes or your body.  Taking one from the TV, however,  can open new vistas.

a reblog of “Bye bye, TV”

This reblog is from a blogging friend who writes from India.  He says of himself:

My name is Pranav. I grew up in Ahmedabad and currently stay in Hyderabad, India. I have studied engineering and management and have worked in the manufacturing and the information technology sectors.

I write on my passions – reading, travel, charity, and fitness.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this post are personal.

Television was an integral part of my life. I can actually link various phases in life with the programs I saw on TV.

Our dear old Doordarshan (DD) ruled for a long time. The earliest memories were of Ramayana and Mahabharata on Sunday mornings. The whole family used to sit around the TV and watch. Which was the case with entire India.

1991 ushered in liberalization. My parents reluctantly agreed to get cable TV installed in 1997. And then came the explosion of entertainment and information. Zee TV and Star TV. Foreign channels – Cartoon Network, HBO, Star Movies, AXN and Discovery. I Dream of Jeanie, Lonely Planet, Small Wonder, Friends and Fortune Hunter (my favorites in those days). MTV and VTV. 24X7 news channels.

It was all so exciting! So much to see and learn!

But slowly, the overload began. I would come home and watch TV to relax. Over the weekends, I would try to catch some good movies. But neither could I relax much nor could I get the high, the entertainment threshold was being pushed further and further. And creativity seemed to be reducing as time went on. In short, TV had stopped adding value.

5 months ago, as the south-westerly winds brought rains to the parched lands of India,our TV stopped functioning. Probably the moisture inside the set did it in. We tried to get it repaired, but to no avail. I breathed a sigh of relief. God had taken the decision for me. :)

Initially, emptiness and boredom reigned. But over the last few months, it hasn’t been all that difficult. I have been able to spend more time on reading, exercising and writing. Which doesn’t seem to be a bad compromise.

Dear TV, we had some good times together. But I guess, the days of you being a central character in my life are now over.

Thank you Pranav. Do follow his blog, Peaceful Restlessness. He say to do so,  “…if it adds value to your life.”

It has  added to mine so I follow him.

parent advice ABOUT TV WATCHING

The idea of not being able to plop the kids in front of the TV probably sends an arrow of fear into many parental hearts.  Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons mean a bit more sleep for hard working parents.

When I was raising my children, many of my neighbors refused to  have a TV in their house, let alone allow their kids to watch.  Created some useless guilt in me — useless because it didn’t result in changed behavior. As foster parents, we had TVs in each of the teenager’s bedrooms as well as in our bedroom. I know we survived the rough spots of those years by unwinding each day with Johnny Carson’s monologues.

I also know the TVs helped our foster kids through the tough times they were enduring. Many had trouble sleeping.  Our night time rule was in your room and quiet by ten o’clock on school nights; eleven on weekends.  You could watch TV until you fell asleep but if you had trouble getting up and off to school, the TV would vanish.   What works works and TV in the teen’s rooms worked for us.

What amuses me about the two friends who banned TV is that each of their kids is in one way or another now part of the TV or entertainment industry.   What is forbidden often becomes more attractive.

Tip one: Regulating is better than banning.

Tip two: The right choices reinforce parental values.

Tip three: Watch with.  The younger the child, the more important parents need to monitor and be with as the child watches.

Tip four: Think DVDs.  Both my grands watch the same Sign Language Tapes whilr eating lunch. Both are learning to sign and so am I.  Of course, this is related to my growing deafness, but we also have other educational DVD’s.  The younger the child, the more they love repetition.  How many times have you read Good Night Moon?

Tip five: Do declare “No TV times” We do not watch on Shabbat, if the grands are with us, that means they do not watch either. And yes, that means we spend more time playing or reading to them; but that is a good thing and a good use of take a break time.

If you are used to having the TV on all the time, it is particularly important to turn it off for specified times.


Parenting is hard work and  there are times being able to plop  kids in front of the TV definitely helps reduce family stress.  Still, keeping a balance keeps all strong.

So as I always suggest before the week end plan Me-time, Family and Friend Time, and Quiet Time.  You will be surprised at how the quality of your life and your children’s life will improve.

As always thank you for following me. If you know someone else who will benefit from my thoughts, forward this to them. Liking, commenting, and sharing are other ways you can help me stay strong and spread some ideas others might find helpful. My Pinterest Board Family Fun and Fun for One is full of tips for Family Time and Me-time ideas.

As I tell myself a thousand times a day, stay strong, give lots of love, be grateful, live now, have lots of luck.


My workshops are becoming  E-books.  One might interest you.  Here is my author’s page. Katherine Gordy Levine

DISCLAIMER: FORGIVE MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS FOR I HAVE DYSGRAPHIA. If you need perfect posts, you will not find them here. I have dysgraphia which means that sometimes my sentence structure is not that easy to follow or I make other errors. Still, most people understand me. All of my books are professionally edited, but not all of my blog posts are. Thanks for your understanding and for reading my work.

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