Taking a break by reblogging my EFTI blog. It is about Yoga laughter has a video that you can use for some family fun break time. Children will love it.

Emotional Fitness

Bet most of you don’t remember that advertisement jingle.    I can’t remember if it was Camels or Lucky Strikes? Do you? As we know now smoking a cigarette is not a healthy break; laughing is.

EMOTIONAL FITNESS take a break advice

As the Niki slogan says – “Just Do It.”  For most of us taking a laughing break is a bit easier than getting on our Niki’s and giving ourselves a full body work out.

Here is a Link to a you tube Laughing Yoga tape:

Now watching this doesn’t tickle my funny bone as much as jumping up and doing it. And you might need a break at a time when jumping up and down in a Lion’s laugh might get your fired, failed, or ousted.  Sad reality check.

But here is a trick that works well.  Watch it at home doing your favority laugh with the tape…

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