Be Grateful is one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises. As you move into the weekend and break time, remember to thank all  given you.

Gratitude means being grateful for all that happens. All that happens includes rude people and bad things.   Set a goal of saying “Thank you” at least a 100 times during this week’s break.


Tip one:  Make it a family challenge to see who can find the most things and people to say thank you to during at least one of the days during this weekend.

Tip two: Devote a  family meeting to writing thank you notes.

Tip three: Saying thank you to rude people, including your children when they forget their manners without a touch of sarcasm is not easy.  However,  even when said with a bit of sarcasm,  it is reminder that manners matter.

Tip four: Work toward not saying it sarcastically  however.   With children, reminding yourself a child is a child because they are still learning manners helps.  With adults, reminding  yourself, not everyone was lucky enough to have parents who cared enough to teach how to get along with others. You were.

Tip five: Saying “Thank you” to some bad things can be harder than saying it to people.

Many people say thank you for the lesson, believing all that happens is a lesson.

Not sure I agree with that, but I do look for lessons and if one is found I can more easily express my gratitude.  If I cannot find a lesson, I can at least say thank you for leaving me able to go on.  If you are reading this you have gone on and that means you have survived the bad thing.

Tip six: Thanking bad things can be done silently. At the same time saying the words aloud can model acceptance, which is an important skill for your children to learn.

Tip seven: Teach your child how to say thank you in a number of languages, including sign language. Doing so provides them with a skill those from different cultures will respect.

IMAGE BY One in a Billion Consulting


Parenting is difficult and often a struggle as you must know by now.  You should also know this you are almost certainly a good enough parent. If you’re having a hard time, my advice is not to ignore that, but also to make sure you take care of yourself. When you stay in charge of your negative feelings, your child/ren will benefit too. I urge you to develop Emotional Fitness Training™ skills and share your success with others.

You can also practice kindness by liking, commenting, or sharing my posts. I promise kindness is always rewarded in one way or another.

As always, thank you for your support, it means a great deal to me.


DISCLAIMER: FORGIVE MY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS FOR I HAVE DYSGRAPHIAIf you need perfect posts, you will not find them here. I have dysgraphia which means that sometimes my sentence structure is not that easy to follow or I make other errors. Still, most people understand me. All of my books are professionally edited, but not all of my blog posts are. Thanks for your understanding and reading my work.


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