WHY THIS TOPIC?  Why not?  Feeling safe builds emotional fitness, aka emotional health.  Driving home on a holiday weekend can leave you tired, fussy, cranky, and in danger.  Moreover, your kids are probably tired, fussy and driving you crazy.

There are things you can do to stay calm:

  • use calming self talk
  • slow down
  • if you are fortunate enough to have a car DVD, let the kids zone out
  • have the other adult in the car play games with the kids, 20 questions, I spy, singing contests are all good example
  • take breaks now and again
  • and above all, remember what matters.

With the hope of keeping a few more parents and kids safe, here is Cranky Old Lady’s safe driving rules. Please do not end up a statistic.

I stay off the roads as much as possible on holiday weekends.  I had our family Thanksgiving Dinner the week after; airfares were cheaper, traffic tie-ups fewer, life less rushed, turkey was on sale.  Still not everyone has that option and today, the roads will be jammed.

So if you have to be out there, here are a few more of Cranky Old Lady’s Safe Driving Rules:

  1. Don’t drive when sleepy.
  2. On a bike or motor cycle, please wear a helmet, make those riding with you do the same. Colorado is a helmet free state.  Makes me anxious to see any cyclist tooling along without a helmet. It scares me out of my wits to see a couple speeding along on a motorcycle, hair blowing in the wind.  So hat up you suicidal Harley people.
  3. Teens and adulesents: Control road rage.
  4. Teens and adulesents: Don’t play chicken.
  5. Teens and adulesents: Mind your matters. The life you save may be your own.
  6. Travel by-ways instead of highways. Might take a bit longer, but speed kills, and besides there is often beauty to be found in the by-ways.


Be kind to me,  like this post or share it.  You will be helping me stay strong and maybe some others as well.  With this particular post, you may keep some people alive.

You will also be practicing one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.  Click here to view all Daily Emotional Fitness  Exercises.If  regular practice of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises does not improve the quality of your life, more might be needed.  That is the time to think about therapy.

Good luck, life is a struggle,  caring relationships matter must but are difficult as well as wonderful. Despite all life a feast.



Sometimes my posts are a bit peppered with mis-spellings, oddly used words, weird punctuation.  These stem from a lesser known learning disability called dysgraphia, but also from rushing.  My apologies. Don’t read or check back in a day or so, as I usually catch most of the errors when I re-read.  Also practicing forgiveness is a useful Emotional Fitness Exercise, so forgive me, I do the best I can, we all do.  Sometimes the best is not good enough, that is when forgiveness matters and forgiveness is yet another Emotional Fitness Training Exercise.

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