WHY THIS?  Holidays mean fun, games, food, and drink; followed for some by driving. So I thought I would be a Cranky Old Lady, reminding people not to have too much to drink.  She loves her vodka straight up, but also loves life and so these are rules she follows .



  1. The first three rules keep you from damaging your liver, but mostly from making an A– of your self or doing things you shouldn’t do–over eating,  having un-protected sex, popping someone between the eyed or on the nose, thinking you can out race a cop so you won’t  get a DWI, telling your in-laws who pay your rent to bug off– things like that.
  2. These rules also help you not over-dose on alcohol.  A number of kids and that includes college age kids and chronological old folk kids chug-a-lug their liquor.  Too much alcohol consumed too fast can mean bonkers.  One of my foster children died that way a few years after leaving our home.  I am thinking that is how I might arrange to stop prolonging my death.I’d drink Katherine’s Martinis and smoke pot. Lots better to my cranky being than too much time spent on life support without being able to communicate.
  3. The fourth rule keeps you from building tolerance and keeps your liver safer.  Doesn’t make the liquor sellers happier.
  4. The fifth rule  is also designed to keep you alive.  Mixing drugs and alcohol speeds up the process of losing control or damaging your liver.  Pot in particularly keeps you from throwing what you drink up and out of your body when it is reaching the kill-you-level. Pot suppresses nausea in cancer patients, good for surviving cancer; not so hot for staying alive.
  5. The sixth rule needs no explaining, but is one reason I don’t like to be out on the roads on  holidays.  I may abide by the rules, but many don’t.

I don’t usually post on the weekends.  But holiday weekends are dangerous on the road weekends.  So this will be out there Tonight, tomorrow, and Monday and shame on me I didn’t think to post it Friday.

Hope I have not made you cranky, my intent is to keep you and your children safe.  So if this makes you a bit cranky. Tough.  Suck it up Buttercup.  The life you save could be yours or one you love


Post these rules, particularly if you have teens who drive.


Be kind to me,  like this post or share it.  You will be helping me stay strong and maybe some others as well.  With this particular post, you may keep some people live.

You will also be practicing one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.  Click here to view all Daily Emotional Fitness  Exercises.If  regular practice of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises does not improve the quality of your life, more might be needed.  That is the time to think about therapy.

Good luck, life is a struggle,  caring relationships matter must but are difficult as well as wonderful. Despite all the bad,  life holds many feasts.


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