One way I spend “Me-time” is reading for pleasure.  I like books with a message.  This week’s read was the Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent.  It is a fictionalized version of the Salem Witch Trial’s.

She learned the difference between abuse and tough but good enough love.

I posted a review on Amazon, although she has all she needs.  But I am trying to practice kindness in my internet efforts and posting reviews is a kindness to the author and possibly others.  Here is what I said in my review:

This was my weekend read and kept me reading to the end. As another reviewer noted, it is about love not easily seen or felt. Many loving parents are vilified unfairly in today’s world. As do wise children, the heroine eventually learned to see that are often abusive mother was–loving and strong and wanting the same for her daughter. The abuse was mild for the times and strengthened the daughter. Not that I am for abuse, but I also not for confusing good enough parenting with abusive, should be arrested parents.

I gave her four stars.

I reserve my five star reviews for great literature or great non-fiction reads.  That means novels like Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cohlera,   a great read about the motivating power of unrequited love and a book I was sad to finish.

Or on my non-fiction my five star list books like Tracy Kidder’s  one about Paul Farmer,  Mountains Beyond Mountains.  Farmer was a trailer park kid who became a doctor, stayed hands on in Haiti while become a world leader in combating Aids.  Tears and inspiration.

Hope your Me-time was at least 4 star.  Stay strong, I am trying.

Five star books are those  I put on my read again list.

PRACTICE KINDNESS, like this post or share it.  I need all the caring I can get. Not only will you be helping me stay strong but perhaps a few others as well.  Moreover, the karma of kindness will see you given kindness in return.

You will also be practicing one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises and strengthening your emotional fitness.

Click here to view all Daily Emotional Fitness  Exercises.  If  regular practice of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises does not improve the quality of your life, more might be needed.  That is the time to think about therapy.

Good luck, life is a struggle, caring for children harder than you expect AND despite the struggle, life as a parent is also wonderful.  


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