WHY THIS:  Parents are family leaders, so I often get parenting tips from business leaders.  This one actually uses his experience as a parent to educate business managers.   It is about limiting options.

Define What’s Optional (and What’s Not) – Ron Ashkenas – Harvard Business Review.

Here’s the quote that is the heart of the article: “When my children were young and it was past their bedtimes, I used to give them a choice: Either walk to your room, or be carried. While this gave them control over how they would go to bed, it left them no choice about the end result. In other words while I wanted to give them options for some things, it was clear that others were non-negotiable.”


Make your “Me time break” non-negotiable.   Here are my tips

Tip one: Plan your week-end’s “Me-time” ahead of time.  If you haven’t done so get busy and make a date with the people involved now.

Tip two: Family meeting are good times for setting up weekend plans for family time and private time. Don’t have family meetings?  Start small, call one for a night you all eat dinner together, limit it to planning the weekend.  See our our quick tip sheet for holding successful family meetings.

Tip two:  set some non-negotiable options around  it as a safety fence. Some sample safety fence questions:

“When do you want to plan family time, you time, and me time for the coming weekend?”

“My Me-time plans have been set for Saturday morning, I’ll be available after 12:00. When do you want your Me-time?”

Tip three: Be flexable, but if someone encroaches on your time, unless it is an emergency, extend your time or get an amends of one sort or another.

Tip four: Stay strong, hold to the need for me-time as well as famiy time and quiet time. Everyone in the family will benefit.


For a time I hovered in that peaceful dreamland where nothing at all works properly but everything is okay.

William Giraldi


Be kind to me,  like this post or share it.  You will be helping me stay strong and maybe some others as well.  You will also be practicing one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.  Click here to view all Daily Emotional Fitness  Exercises.If  regular practice of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises does not improve the quality of your life, more might be needed.  That is the time to think about therapy.

Good luck, life is a struggle, caring for children harder than you expect AND despite the struggle, life as a parent is also wonderful.  


IMAGE by: Very Smart Brothes. com

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