WHY THIS:  Too much parenting advice fails to mention two important factors.Temperament, and  Age and Stage.

This reasearch article is helpful for understanding teens from both points.

Differences in Teens’ Coping Styles Affect Social Behaviors | Psych Central News.


Helpful quotes from the article:

Sometimes we get stuck dealing with stress in one way because it was successful in the past; that coping style may not be effective with other stressors and in other situations….There is more than one way to cope in situations, and people need to know when to apply which coping mechanisms.

Tip one: Use your search engine to improve your knowledge of age and stage, same for temperament styles.

Tip two: One thing not mentioned in the article is what the experts call goodness of fit.  How your teen’s temperament style fits with yours.

Tip three: Start early teaching different coping skills.

Tip four: “If it isn’t working, fix it.” I use a three outs strategy to figure out when what I am doing isn’t working and then set out seeking different solutions and testing them.

Tip five: Work on your ability to stay calm, practice self-soothing.


Be kind to  me,  like this post, comment or  share.  You will be helping me stay strong and maybe  others as well.   Click here for my free Ebook: The 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises. These exercises are easy to do, you probablly do many already, adding one or two others will improve the quality of your life.

Stay strong, I’m working at it.



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