Friday night dinner begins my sign off from things electronic and sign on for time with family and friends.  It is also time to sign on for time with other things that matter: being with beauty, nourishing my spirituality, laughing and playing. All among my Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.  Here is one of my favorite take a break pictures.  David and a Grand.

Naps are always a good way to take a break.


Oprah asked this question among others on a recent Thought for a Day blog.  The topic was  How Fit is Your Brain. The question: How often do you socialize and spend time with friends?  The choices:

  1. Occasionally, but after a long day, I honestly prefer low-key dates with HBO.
  2. I’m booked solid for the next month.
  3. I try to make social plans for at least one day of the weekend, even if I’ve got a killer to-do list.

The follow up note made this point: …a University of Michigan study showed that just 10 minutes of social interaction improved cognitive performance in thousands of people of all ages (24 to 96). So make some plans; it may feel like a drag now, but you know you won’t regret it (and your brain will thank you). ”


Need I say more.  Not really, but you know I will. Turn off from all that pressures you, turn on to what calms and comforts.  If ten minutes is all you can do, do that. But keep trying to do more break time.

Confession: I can cure a bad mood by visiting the local super market, dollar store, or any other store. Not because I buy stuff, but because I spend check out time trying to get a smile and a laugh from the cashier. When it works, bad mood vanishes.  Less than ten minutes. However, I do suggest spending a bit more time socializing with those who matter most.


Be kind to  me,  like this post or share it.  You will be helping me stay strong and maybe some others as well.   Click here for my free Ebook: The 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.

Stay strong, I work at it all the time.



2 responses to “TAKE A BREAK TIME

  1. I just wanted to share this with fellow writers. We all know that sitting behind a desk for too long it may harm us, but how can we make sure we don’t kill ourselves by sitting for too long in front of a computer, at least this is what NY times says, quite scary. Myself I started using this little application (link below) that reminds me that it’s about time to take a break once in a while, I hope it helps you also…

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